Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Film Noir - Criminal Marketing

The taglines, or bylines, give you a tantalising glimpse into the story. No need for spoilers or clever viral marketing campaigns.

They really don’t write them like they use to. Savor these catchy cinema poster slogans… a wild thrill-ride of cinematic magic unfolding before your very eyes!

Three Thrill-Hungry Dames Played me for a Sucker… Now its my turn!

A wild trigger finger, a lust for big money… and a weak spot for fast blondes hurled him from the straight-and-narrow to a crooked one-way road!

She was more than any man could handle!

Master Mind of the T-Men VS. The Twisted Brains of the Underworld!

FBI Teams Up with Scotland Yard to Avenge Murder of G-Man!

The cooperation of the U.S. TREASURY DEPT. especially the COAST GUARD and CUSTOMS SERVICE is gratefully acknowledged.

More soon....