Monday, July 16, 2007

Die Hard 4.0 - Live Free or Die Hard (US)

Year: 2007
Dir: Len Wiseman
Writers: Mark Bomback, David Marconi, Roderick Thorp, John Carlin (Wired article)

Stars: BRUCE WILLIS, Justin Long, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Timothy Olyphant, Maggie Q, Cliff Curtis, Kevin Smith

Bruce Willis aka John McClane, the unwitting hero of the Die-Hard series, is back for another go at a franchise most thought was dead and buried. Flying cars, flying bodies, flying glass, in fact just about everything in this latest installment spends most of the time in the air. It’s a metal-crunching action fest, where missiles and bullets streak across the screen and people die in equal measure.

All in a days work for McClane of course – he’s been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Only thing left is to depart his hard-earned wisdom on the next generation – even if they won’t listen. Namely Justin Long, in the guise of Matt Farrell, the terrified computer-hacking nerd unwittingly caught in the action, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as feisty chip-off-the-old-block Lucy McClane.

Accidentally on purpose, immortal John McClane has dropped the white vest, in favour of some khaki green military style attire – this time his country really needs him!
America is under attack by cyber criminals who do passive-aggressive very well! In all-black designer togs, sociopath mastermind Thomas Gabriel, played almost too seriously by Timothy Olyphant, looks pretty good. As does his devoted playmate Mai Lihn, that’s actress-super-model Maggie Q for short.

Putting fashion aside for a moment, whether there’s a Die Hard formula or not, Bruce Willis has still got it, taking us on an adrenaline rush of gun toting, jet fighting action. Any young contenders might think twice before leaping into this one.

It’s a story that ‘could’ happen in the not too distant future, where technology and knowing how to use it might save your life. The premise was taken straight out of a 'Wired Magazine' feature on cyber terrorism… Excited? Well, if you’re looking for a half-decent summer movie, that won’t bore you to sleep, Die Hard 4.0 sure fits the bill.

As usual, authenticity and plausibility go out the window, but there’s no time to complain, as you are pulled by the collar at break-neck speed, through a violent adventure that won’t let up! Maclane’s got a bucket full of one-liners and cheeky in-jokes too. You can’t help but smile at, ‘Is the circus in town?’ and ‘Over here Spider-boy!’

Visually crammed with stunning CGI, from exploding buildings to SUVs free-falling down lift shafts… cars crashing, bones cracking, glass smashing… looks so real you can almost taste it!

Die Hard 4.0 will probably be remembered as the movie where Bruce Willis gets his ass kicked by a hot Asian kung-fu chick. McClane’s words not mine. But don’t worry; you know how this is going to end.
The best this summer’s had to offer so far… and then some!
Now THIS is what I call entertainment!

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